I'm Richard Slaughter. I live in Oxford. I'm a software developer. My initial forays into programming started during school with a copy of Delphi 2 from the front of a computing magazine. From there I moved on to C++ in order to start making some simple games and mods, until the .Net platform came along during my University years. My software development career has largely been centered around .Net, adding some PHP and Javascript along the way.

My Work
I currently work as a developer for a software house in Oxfordshire which provides end to end mobile solutions for everything from service management for the pest control industry to proof of delivery for postal services.

My Spare Time

Jailbreak: Source
Jailbreak: Source

Computer games are still a big part of my life, whether playing or creating, with my biggest involvement currently being with the Half-Life 2 mod Jailbreak: Source, on which I have spent far too much time creating, designing and developing as one of the founders. 2008 and 2009 saw us make it in to the top 100 of the ModDB Mod Of The Year awards.