Concise Invoking into the UI Thread

It's a new year (and has been for a while), so time to get on and actually make use of this blog.

I often find myself having to Invoke execution back in to the UI thread, and thus far the most concise way I have come accross for doing this is as follows:

public void UIFunction(string aMessage)
MethodInvoker del = delegate{
lblUILabel.Text = aMessage;

This is nice as it gives you access to the function parameters inside the Invoked anonymous delegate without needing to add them to the invoke call, and also saves you from creating any more functions, whose only purpose is to deal with being invoked.

Obviously you may want to consider that anyway if the logic is complex, but I like that this method keeps things nicely encapsulated in a single function.

The MethodInvoker delegate comes from the Windows.Forms namespace, so if you want to use this method where it is unavailable, such as on the Compact Framework, simply create a new delegate type as follows:
public Delegate void MethodInvoker();