Why I Blog

Somewhat related to a previous post on procrastination, a few whys behind this blog...

If You Can't Explain it, You Don't Understand it

Often misquoted to Einstein, it appears the likely origin of this notion is Lord Rutherford of Nelson:

An alleged scientific discovery has no merit unless it can be explained to a barmaid.

Regardless, I find that writing about a subject forces a certain level of understanding, and helps organise my thoughts.

Building a Skill

Writing is a specific skill, which like most skills takes practice to improve.

Generating blog content provides a challenge in how best to present content, and hopefully generates growth in both how to think through a subject, and present the resulting information.

Continuous Learning

Aside from writing as a specific skill, working in the tech industry provides a lot of scope for new technologies to keep on top of.

Blogging as a learning mechanism is useful in of itself, both by forcing a level of understanding, but also as another reason to dig into a particular bit of technology. Content doesn't have to be unique to be useful!

Shared Experience

If nothing else, I hope that others may find some of what I write useful, whether that's from technical content or otherwise.